Harlequin Storage Tanks

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Bunded Tanks

All Harlequin oil tanks feature integral bunding as standard. A bunded tank consists of a 'tank within a tank' design and therefore protects your valuable heating oil as well as the environment in the event of a tank split. Remember, an oil spill may not be covered within your house insurance policy. Buy safe, buy bunded.

Harlequin bunded heating oil tanks are also available in three options - HQi, iTank Evo (ITE) and iTank Pro (ITT). HQi tanks offer a no-nonsense option and unlike the iTank Evo and iTank Pro, are not supplied with intelligent oil monitoring as standard.

iTank Evo tanks feature intelligent oil monitoring, via a factory fitted 'i-Track' intelligent oil monitor. iTank Pro tanks feature this same intelligent oil monitoring system as standard, and also feature a high security 'Spinsecure' external tank lock and a 100db Harlequin alarm lock which sounds in the event of your tank being attacked by thieves. These tanks also feature a high visibility sticker, displaying the message: 'This Tank is Alarmed!'

By installing a bunded oil storage tank you are reducing the risk of any potential pollution to the environment.

An Oftec T/133 risk assessment should be completed prior to the installation of any oil storage tank.

Please contact us for further details.

A1 Tanks harlequin itank evo 650 ite
Harlequin 650 ITE
Capacity: 679 litres
Length: 1715mm
Width: 670mm
Height: 1355mm
Weight: 105kg
A1 Tanks harlequin itank evo 1000 ite
Harlequin 1000 ITE
Capacity: 1056 litres
Length: 2150mm
Width: 710mm
Height: 1420mm
Weight: 130kg
A1 Tanks harlequin itank evo 1100 ite
Harlequin 1100 ITE
Capacity: 1095 litres
Length: 1880mm
Width: 890mm
Height: 1595mm
Weight: 132kg
A1 Tanks harlequin itank evo 1200 ite
Harlequin 1200 ITE
Capacity: 1317 litres
Length: 1900mm
Width: 1600mm
Height: 950mm
Weight: 125kg
A1 Tanks harlequin itank evo 1300 ite
Harlequin 1300 ITE
Capacity: 1405 litres
Length: 2100mm
Width: 950mm
Height: 1540mm
Weight: 160kg
A1 Tanks harlequin itank evo 1400 ite
Harlequin 1400 ITE
Capacity: 1452 litres
Length: 1900mm
Width: 1250mm
Height: 1420mm
Weight: 130kg
A1 Tanks harlequin itank evo 1450 ite
Harlequin 1450 ITE
Capacity: 1487 litres
Diameter: 1540mm
Height: 1590mm
Weight: 105kg
A1 Tanks harlequin itank evo 2000 ite
Harlequin 2000 ITE
Capacity: 2110 litres
Length: 2360mm
Width: 1320mm
Height: 1415mm
Weight: 180kg
A1 Tanks harlequin itank evo 2500 ite
Harlequin 2500 ITE
Capacity: 2571 litres
Length: 2460mm
Width: 1435mm
Height: 1470mm
Weight: 210kg
A1 Tanks harlequin itank evo 3500 ite
Harlequin 3500 ITE
Capacity: 3470 litres
Length: 2450mm
Width: 1770mm
Height: 18890mm
Weight: 260kg
A1 Tanks harlequin itank evo 5400 ite
Harlequin 5400 ITB
Capacity: 5307 litres
Diameter: 2575mm
Height: 2125mm
Weight: 325kg
A1 Tanks harlequin itank evo 10000 ite
Harlequin 10000 ITB
Capacity: 10,100 litres
Length: 3265mm
Width: 2800mm
Height: 3350mm
Weight: 725kg
Single Skinned Tanks

Single-skinned tanks are available on request


How to look after your oil tank

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